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Aug. 2022



Aug. 2022





Hotel Near Monterey Bay Aquarium

Preserving Marine Life

An undeniably educational and fun experience, Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must-see attraction while you're in town. A clear, unfiltered window on the fascinating world of marine life, this world-class aquarium is the perfect place to view sea otters, jellyfish, sharks, penguins, and more

Monterey Bay is itself a vast and diverse ecosystem, teeming with complex and unique marine life. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is devoted to preserving, studying, and protecting these precious species.

2.2 Miles, 7-Minute Drive

Bring the family for an afternoon of education and enlightenment. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the native marine life of Monterey Bay.

Monterey Bay Aquarium is only a few miles from Villa Franca Inn. It's nice to know at the end of a long day of sight-seeing that a nice, clean room is waiting for you.